Automation system for PCB

Since our inception, Technosystem has specialized in automation systems for the PCB industry. Always looking for the optimization of time, adapting our designs to the needs of our customers, in space, software and hardware.

Millennium V1 LDI

What benefits does the robotization offer

  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased waste caused by operators
  • Minimization of errors
  • Elimination of routine tasks
  • Production flexibility
  • Energy efficiency
  • Diagnostics based on web services and remote maintenance

Industrial automation through robotization

The most advanced form of integration, with robotic arms and seamlessly connected to peripheral systems

Project Management

Designing using the most cutting-edge technologies, mechanical design, including electrical / electronic, as well as the development of systems integration software

Industrial applications

Offer our customers a complete automation solution that provides maximum flexibility, productivity and economic efficiency.

After Sales Service and Updates

Technical assistance service, offering the possibility of adjusting to the constantly required changes in production processes.

Currently, each company has different production needs even when they are engaged in the same activity. The need to offer the best service has forced the productive companies to be flexible and at the same time maximize production. For this reason process automation solutions have ceased to be universal becoming unique and custom projects

Technosystem offers the most advanced form integration, with robotic arms and seamlessly connected to systems peripherals that today provides any production machine. From press brake, line automation for electronic circuits to fast manipulation by minuscule parts vision.

The robotic arms and the machine are fully integrable being able to work in unison as if it were a single machine. See some of our products developments for automation LDI machines, Milenium V3 LDI, Milenium V1 LDI or some solutions for load lines Jirafo, Milenium V3

Technosystem engineers designing - Automation system for PCB

Technosystem engineers designing – Automation system for PCB


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