Automation for LDI

Optimized automation systems for all types of direct imaging processes.

V3- LDI Automation

The V3-LDI is the pinnacle of the V-LDI Series, developed by Techno System. This peripheral automation system has been meticulously engineered to load and unload high-end LDI and DI machines.

The ever-increasing demand for reduced dry film exposure times necessitated a loader capable of achieving the required exposure times to maximize production. The V3-LDI can operate at a rate of under 10 seconds per cycle (excluding panel exchange), and includes tasks like cleaning and CCD panel alignment. What sets this automation system apart is its utilization of two six-axis robots that can operate simultaneously, ensuring a swift throughput.

The system boasts a double and a single cup gripper, automatically adjustable to accommodate panels of varying sizes. Additionally, it features a horizontal table cleaner designed for extremely thin cores and a CCD camera for on-the-fly alignment. A standout feature of the V3-LDI is its versatility, capable of handling both dry film panel exposure on L racks and solder mask panels on slotted racks.

V3 LDI Technical Features

The automation system incorporates a patented L rack/slotted rack automatic exchange, making it an invaluable tool for high-production environments while preventing any downtime in the exposure machine.

The user-friendly Techno System front-end serves as a valuable tool for operators, enabling them to efficiently generate job queues on multiple L racks or slotted racks. Across the V-LDI series, support for multiple job lists is given, ensuring that the number of panels per job does not impede production throughput. Job exchanges are seamlessly managed through communication protocols with the connected peripheral machines, simplifying the workflow for operators.

V3 LDI Single Dimensions

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