High-end Automation

Compact and customizable loaders and unloaders to manage your PCB production.
We introduced a line of high-end automation solutions to meet the growing demands of PCB factories that require a range of new features that the Entry Level Automation can't provide.

Millenium V3 Loader/Unloader

The Millennium V3 Loader/Unloader is specifically designed for mid-size PCB factories with a high mix and a substantial layer count, where delicate handling is paramount.

This automation system can be installed in factories with limited floor space, thanks to its compact footprint of 1.4m x 1.4m.
Notably, the system features a sleep sheet insertion function that can be easily activated or deactivated by the operator. Furthermore, all Millennium Unloaders come equipped with a CCD camera to align panels without the need for mechanical alignment, thus preventing scratches on the bottom side of the PCB.

Customizable options such as a double sheet panel detector and automatic suction cup gripper adjustments can be integrated to suit the specific needs of customers.
Additionally, the Millennium V3 Unloader is equipped with a Buffer station that activates each time the L-rack is removed from the automation. This prevents production line stoppages, making it an ideal feature for high-mix PCB factories.

Millenium V3 Technical Features

Millenium V3 Single Dimensions

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