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Hipo V1 Diverter

The Diverter HIPO V1 is specifically designed to effectively divert PCB panels in multiple directions. The conveyor’s running speed is adjustable, ranging from 0.5 m/min to 5 m/min, achieving a maximum throughput of 4 panels per minute.

This device is equipped with two sets of flat belt conveyors to minimize friction between the panel and the belts. The HIPO features a user-friendly interface with a PLC and a touch screen, which can be custom programmed to meet unique customer requirements. The HIPO V1 variant is capable of diverting panels without altering their original orientation.

It can be seamlessly integrated into a horizontal production line, either in the middle or at the end, based on technical or floor space considerations. The HIPO can operate independently or can be synchronized with the connected machine, offering flexibility to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Hipo V1 Diverter Technical Features

Hipo V1 Diverter Single Dimensions

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