Automation for LDI

Optimized automation systems for all types of direct imaging processes.

V2- LDI Loader/ Unloader

The V2-LDI Loader/Unloader is a cutting-edge peripheral automation system specifically designed to cater to Legend Printers and DI machines used exclusively for solder mask production, where panels are in contact with a plastic sleep sheet.

This system features two L-rack stations: one for panel entry before exposure and the other as a buffer station. What sets this automation apart is the innovative Techno System vertical flipping mechanism, which enhances its compactness and versatility. Notably, the V2-LDI can be seamlessly integrated with any Legend Printer available in the market.

By utilizing the Techno System front end, operators can efficiently queue and manage print jobs in a matter of seconds. The system is equipped with a six-axis robotic arm complete with a double suction cup gripper adjustable in size, facilitating rapid panel exchange and ensuring a cycle time of under 18 seconds per side.

V2 LDI for Legend Printers Technical Features

Across the V-LDI series, support for multiple job lists is a given, ensuring that the number of panels per job does not impede production throughput. Job exchanges are seamlessly managed through communication protocols with the connected peripheral machines, simplifying the workflow for operators.

V2 LDI for Legend Printers Single Dimensions

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