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Jirafo Slotted Rack

JIRAFO Slotted Rack offers the ideal technical solution for loading or unloading any horizontal production line where panels must be stored in slotted racks. It is specifically designed for small and medium- sized PCB shops.

The adaptable slotted racks can accommodate panel thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm to 3.2mm. Jirafo features a unique trolley system where all trolleys are uniform and maintained at a consistent height. In many PCB shops, horizontal production lines are set at varying heights, necessitating loaders and unloaders to be adjusted accordingly.

This challenge is effortlessly addressed by the Jirafo Loader/Unloader, thanks to its unique adjustable conveyor system, which employs a tilted conveyor. This loader is specifically engineered for applications where panels need to be separated from each other, such as in solder mask developing lines, pre drying solder mark or dry film developing lines.

Jirafo Slotted Rack Technical Features

Jirafo Slotted Rack Single Dimensions

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