Automation for LDI

Optimized automation systems for all types of direct imaging processes.

V1- LDI Loader/ Unloader

The V1-LDI Loader/Unloader is a standalone peripheral automation system designed to complement PCB machines that typically require operator presence for continuous operation. The V1-LDI eliminates the need for human intervention by seamlessly handling the loading, cleaning, flipping, and unloading of panels.

This automation system includes a one six axis robot , a double suction cup gripper for fast panel exchange an entry L-rack, a buffer station, a roller cleaner, and a flipping device to operate automatically. The V1-LDI is compatible with a wide range of LDI or DI machines, including Paragon, Nuvogo, Express, Schmoll MDI, Miva, and others.

Thanks to its compact footprint, the V1-LDI can be easily installed beside the DI machine, requiring only 1.2 meters of space on the right-hand side for loading. The sequence time per side is under 19 seconds, making it particularly appealing for mid-production LDI or DI applications.

V1 LDI Technical Features

Across the V-LDI series, support for multiple job lists is a given, ensuring that the number of panels per job does not impede production throughput. Job exchanges are seamlessly managed through communication protocols with the connected peripheral machines, simplifying the workflow for operators.

V1 LDI Single Dimensions

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