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Erizo 30

The Erizo 30 is a universal Loader/Unloader that can be used as a Loader in front of any horizontal line, as an Unloader at the end of the line or as a buffer device. The Erizo series was designed for applications where PCBs must not come into direct contact with each other.

The Erizo 30, equipped with both entry and exit conveyors, serves as an ideal buffer station between two production lines. This versatile system can efficiently handle both thin inner layers and heavy outer layers. Additionally, it can function as a loader at the beginning of any horizontal production line or as an unloader at the end. The Erizo 30 is equipped with a powerful servo-driven motor, ensuring exceptionally high indexing accuracy.

Each Erizo 30 unit is supplied with six carbon fiber rods per panel, providing the necessary rigidity for lifting panels from the conveyor, even when they are heavy. Importantly, every Erizo 30 must be accompanied by at least one conveyor for the precise indexing of the rods using conveyor belts. These conveyors offer speed adjustment through a frequency converter.

Erizo 30 Technical Features

Erizo 30 Single Dimensions

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