High-end Automation

Compact and customizable loaders and unloaders to manage your PCB production.
We introduced a line of high-end automation solutions to meet the growing demands of PCB factories that require a range of new features that the Entry Level Automation can't provide.

Millenium V4 Trio

Building upon the V4 DUO’s foundation, the Millenium V4 TRIO incorporates two remarkable features demanded by high-end customers: enhanced production speed and uninterrupted operation.

This automation system includes a trolley with five horizontal boxes and two L Rack stations equipped with hot swap functionality. With all these features, the Millenium V4 TRIO can operate at a remarkable rate of 6 panels per minute, encompassing sleep sheet insertion or removal. This impressive speed is made possible through the simultaneous operation of two high-speed robotic arms.

The Millenium V4 TRIO offers a multitude of options, including automatic box exchange, panel measurement for height identification during the loading operation, complete EDS Automation, automatic suction cup gripper adjustment, copper thickness control, overall core thickness measurement, or on-the-fly double sheet detection, among others.

Millenium V4 Trio Technical Features

It can be equipped with an automatic panel size recognition system, the L-rack can be loaded with different panel sizes and the system will automatically identify one by one the size of each panel, automatically adjusting the suction cups to the panel size. Furthermore, the loader can be equipped with a touchless automatic centering or decentering device.

The standard configuration of a Millennium V4 TRIO includes 2 L-rack stations (for inner and outer layers) and a horizontal box (for flexible or extra thin inner layers) with automatic exchange of boxes.

Millenium V4 Trio Single Dimensions

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