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Jirafo Loader / Unloader

JIRAFO is the ideal technical solution for loading or unloading any horizontal production line where panels must be stored in a semi-vertical position. It’s the perfect choice for small and medium-sized PCB shops.

The Jirafo Loader/Unloader solves the challenge of handling semi-vertical panels with its unique adjustable conveyor system, which is achieved through a tilted conveyor. The combination of the JIRAFO tilted conveyor with trolleys set at the same height provides an excellent solution for transporting PCBs without the need for manual handling. JIRAFO can be delivered as a loading device, unloading device, or a buffer (Loader + Unloader).

The JIRAFO Loader Heavy Duty is designed to handle heavy drilled panels, thanks to its extra vacuum power. Jirafo features a unique trolley system where all trolleys are uniform and always at the same height. This is especially beneficial in PCB shops where horizontal production lines are often set at varying heights, as it eliminates the need for adjusting loaders and unloaders to different heights.

Jirafo Loader & Unloader Technical Features

Jirafo Loader & Unloader Single Dimensions

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