Pato Unloader_rev.01-2

Pato Loader / Unloader

The Pato Loader was designed to Load all kind of horizontal lines where the panels can be stored in horizontal position. By means of rows of adjustable suction cups the gripper picks up a panel from the stack and displace it over the horizontal conveyor minimising the friction in between panels.   The Pato Loader can be used for individual PCBs in final cleaning lines or panel size by modifying the distribution of the suction cups on the gripper. Its great storage capacity, over 300mm stack, is ideal for long operation without the need of human intervention.

The Loader is equipped with a PLC and a touch screen with an easy operator interface.

The Pato Unloader has been designed to Unload any horizontal line where contact in between panels is permitted. May be used as an outfeed of any horizontal processing line The Unloader can accumulate a stack of 450mm of panel height due to its mechanical strength.

The unloader automatically adapts to different panel thickness without the need of manual adjustment. The PCB boards go through a pair of robber rollers raising the leading edge of the panel to minimise the scratch in between panels. The infeed speed can be adjusted from 0,5m/min up to 10 m/min.

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