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Erizo Loader / Unloader / Buffer

The ERIZO is a versatile Loader/ Unloader that can serve as a Loader at the beginning of any horizontal production line or as an Unloader at the end of the line.

It offers the flexibility to handle a wide range of horizontal lines, whether the panels are used as inner or outer layers. When used for Loading/Unloading inner layers, the Erizo requires the installation of metallic bars to support the panels in a vertical position. In such cases, a conveyor is always necessary when metallic bars are employed. However, when using the Erizo to load or unload rigid panels or outer layers, the panels will smoothly slide into an aluminum profile with a U shape, eliminating the need for metallic bars.

These units are equipped with a user-friendly touch screen interface and a PLC that offers seamless connectivity to the production line to be loaded or unloaded.

There are two versions of the Erizo available: Erizo 60 with a capacity of 60 panels and Erizo 100 with a capacity of 100 panels. The Erizo can be configured with either one or two conveyors, depending on the specific functionality and the needs of the customer.

Erizo 60/100 Technical Features

Erizo 60/100 Single Dimensions

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