Automation for LDI

Optimized automation systems for all types of direct imaging processes.

V3 - AOI Loader Unloader

The Techno System V3 AOI can be used as a peripheral for loading and unloading any AOI available in the market.

It operates with two 6-axis robots, completing a cycle in under 10 seconds (excluding panel exchange). The on-the-fly CCD camera recognition ensures precise panel alignment on the AOI table, reducing alignment issues. The system includes a horizontal vacuum table with an integrated roller cleaner to minimize false alarms during AOI inspections.

Its seamless integration protocol allows real-time defect information from the AOI to displace defective panels 1 cm to the right, making them easily identifiable by operators. The V3 AOI provides complete traceability for inspected panels on both sides, including the number of defects on each side.

V3 - AOI Technical Features

The V3-AOI Loader/Unloader can handle both inner and outer layers with a variety of different jobs loaded in the same L rack. Operators can simply place a separator sheet between different jobs, and the automation will recognize the plastic sheet and automatically remove it and transition to the next job in the queue.

Additionally, the V3 AOI can optionally be equipped with a CCD camera for QR code identification, eliminating the need for manual job list generation. This automated process scans every panel, applies it to both core sides, and requires consistent QR code or Data Matrix placement on inner layers.

V3 - AOI Single Dimensions

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