High-end Automation

Compact and customizable loaders and unloaders to manage your PCB production.
We introduced a line of high-end automation solutions to meet the growing demands of PCB factories that require a range of new features that the Entry Level Automation can't provide.


The Robo Pato is an automatic loader specifically designed to feed printed circuit boards after the final routing stage.

It is an ideal solution for high-pressure cleaning lines as well as final finishing lines such as OSP, Silver or tin. The Robo Pato is equipped with a 4-axis SCARA robot capable of performing up to 10 maneuvers per minute, ensuring efficient production by following the necessary line speed.

Optionally the Robot Pato can be equipped with a second loading station to ensure an uninterrupted flow in PCB loading. The vacuum gripper has been specially designed to handle routed and drilled PCBs using a high vacuum flow and low depression, ensuring precise and secure handling.

RoboPato Technical Features

RoboPato Single Dimensions

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