High end automation

Compact and customizable loaders and unloaders to manage your PCB production.

The Millennium V4 Single are equipped with a heavy duty 6 axis robot arm capable to move at high speed heavy panels with extremely high accuracy

This loaders are equipped with and automatic adjustment of the suction gripper to avoid human intervention. The Millennium V4 Single Unloader will measure all panels when entering into the unloader conveyor and the suction cup gripper will be adjusted to the panel size on the fly avoiding the need of manual intervention. More over the unique alignment system installed in the Millennium V4 Single will detect the panels located on the conveyor and will precisely pick up the panels without the need of any mechanical centring device. This will eliminate all frictions in between the conveyor rollers and the PCB.

All Millennium V4 Single can operate with or without plastic interleave by the activation of the function, additionally to this the Millennium Unloader counts with a station used to place plastic Interleaves. The main concept behind the Millennium V4 Single is to Load and Unload constantly any horizontal line and any king of panels from 50 micron up to 5mm and a weight of 7,5kg.

The Millennium V4 Single Loader can be equipped with an automatic panel size recognition, the L rack can be loaded with different panel sizes and the system will identify one by one the size of each panel adjusting automatically the suction cups to the panel size, additionally to this the loader can be equipped with a touchless automatic centring or decentring device. The configuration of a Millennium V4 Single can be also equipped with an additional loading or unloading station for flexible PCBs ( Box type) or solder mask panels ( Slotted rack) . With this options the Millennium V4 Single can operate on lines where the panels can be inner o out layers.

Adapted to the individual needs of the user in terms of space requirements, process speed and the available hardware and software, optimizing the throughput time in the customer’s circuit board production.

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