High-end Automation

Compact and customizable loaders and unloaders to manage your PCB production.
We introduced a line of high-end automation solutions to meet the growing demands of PCB factories that require a range of new features that the Entry Level Automation can't provide.

Millenium V4 Single Loader/Unloader

An advancement in automation technology, the V4 has been developed for PCB factories with heavier production loads, capable of handling panels weighing up to 6 kg with great speed and security.

The system features a station for sleep sheet insertion or removal and offers the flexibility to add a second L-rack station or a horizontal box, making it adaptable to various requirements. For specialized applications like dry film developing lines, the Millenium V4 Single can be equipped with slotted racks.
Once again, the range of options that can be integrated into this automation is extensive.

These options include panel measuring, on-the-fly double sheet detection, copper measurement, overall core measurement, barcode or QR code reading, and laser engraving for job identification.
All Millenium V4 Unloaders come equipped with automatic panel measurement and on-the-fly CCD camera alignment to reduce the risk of copper scratching on the bottom side of the panels.

Millenium V4 Single Technical Features

The system can be configured with an additional station that accommodates L racks, Horizontal Boxes, or Slotted racks. This versatility is ideal for PCB factories that work with a diverse range of base materials, requiring various supports such as L racks, Boxes, or Slotted racks.

All Millenium V4 Series units can be further customized with a wide array of options, including a copper thickness measuring system, core thickness measurement, QR code laser engraving, double sheet detectors, and automatic panel height adjustment, among other features.

Millenium V4 Single Single Dimensions

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