TECHNOSYSTEM Supplies High-end Automation Systems to SCHWEIZER ELECTRONIC AG in Schramberg Germany

As a leading manufacturer of automation systems, TECHNOSYSTEM has been developing innovative customer-specific automation solutions for circuit board manufacturers worldwide for years.

Always with the aim of optimizing the throughput time in the customer’s circuit board production, the automation systems are precisely adapted to the individual needs of the user in terms of space requirements, process speed and the available hardware and software.

Especially in these challenging Corona times, circuit board manufacturers are investing in the automation of their production plants to be prepared as soon as the recovery starts. Modernization of production facilities, which aim to ensure a competitive circuit board production in Central Europe through highly efficient automated production, can be better implemented in times of under-utilized production lines.

The specific project concerned the modernization of a brown oxide line in the printed circuit board production of SCHWEIZER ELECTRONIC AG, Schramberg.

Key requirements for the high-end automation were, among other things, cycle times of  less than 12 seconds per cycle including plastic interleave, the fast automatic exchange of boxes or L-racks without interrupting production, as well as the contactless alignment of the working formats using CCD cameras. Robotic arms were also implemented, which can also process thick copper blanks with a weight of up to 4.5KG at high speed.

SCHWEIZER procurement team: “By using the latest technologies, we were able to achieve or exceed all of the key automation goals in our production. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent cooperation between the engineers and the continuous support from the management of both companies. The final assembling in Barcelona and the installation in Schramberg could be completed as planned and on time.”

Eduardo Benmayor, General Manager, TECHNOSYSTEM: “We are very pleased that with this cooperation in the field of automation at SCHWEIZER ELECTRONIC AG we have been able to help automate circuit board production to a high, long-term competitive level and to meet the future requirements of “Industry 4.0”.