Why Chose Technosystem Charger for Your LDI

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There are substantial differences when operating with LDI (or DI) Loader in manual or in automatic mode. Choosing to operate with Technosystem charger will improve the productivity of the LDI in terms of labor saving and yields.

Technosystem charger for LDI: Labor saving

When working in manual mode, the operator needs to be in front of the machine for the production to go on. This means that any time this person leaves the machine, the production stops.

A standard 8-hour shift includes breaks which are regulated by the labor convention, plus the personal breaks that every operator eventually takes any now and then.

As a result, the actual productivity of an operator working a shift of 8 hours, is only 6 hours and out of this the LDI or DI exposure is only exposing 5h maximum.

When working in automatic operation, instead, the operator only needs to set the batch, once this is complete, they remove the panels and set another batch. Meanwhile, the operator can dedicate time to other tasks. Batches can be generated off line avoiding
downtime in between batch changes

In terms of time optimization, this leads to an operation labor of 3 hours (out of 8 hours shift), and a productivity of 7 hours.


Operator labor time: MANUAL 8h - AUTOMATIC 3h
Print production time: MANUAL 5h - AUTOMATIC 7h

In percentage terms, choosing a charger for your LDI, will lead to:

  • Production gain = 40%
  • Labor savings = 62.5%

Technosystem charger for LDI: Yields improvement

Working with Technosystem charger LDI Loader automatic mode gives excellent results in terms of yields. This is due to the following reasons:

  • All panels are 100 % clean prior to print.
  • The automatic mode does not leave the station tacky.
  • The automatic process is perfectly repeatable.
  • Change from job to job consumes no time of the LDI or DI.
  • Automation changes from Job to Job without the need of the operator even in
    single panel job production.
  • Automation adapts to the panel size with no need for operator intervention.
  • In the event of a failure in the alignment of the panel, automation does not stop.
  • *Panel not exposed will be shifted to the side to be easily identified by the operator
    once the Batch is finished.
  • Last but not least, eliminating a great amount of manual operation reduces the human error factor, which leads to better troubleshooting.

In percentage terms, the automation mode leads to a yield improvement of 2%.

Yield improvement – manual to automatic = 2% increase

Summary of theTechnosystem LDI V-III LOADER / UNLOADER chargers benefits

Operating with Technosystem charger LDI Loader in automatic mode gives the following advantages:

  • Gain 2 hours of Exposure time of a very expensive piece of equipment
    (40% Production gain).
  • Save 5 hours of Manual Operation (62.5% Labor savings).
  • 2% Yield improvement.
  • 100% Panel Cleanliness.
  • Great reduction of human error factor.
  • Automation designed for small series and high mix. No downtime in between job changes.