System Arrival Installation Aceptance DI V-III

TECHNOSYSTEM LOADER/UNLOADER DI V-III System arrival, installation & acceptance

With an excellent after sale service, Technosystem will assist you with any inquiries or doubts you might have about the arrival, installation and acceptance process of your Loader/Unloader DI V-III. Once you make your order, a team of specialized technicians will help you through the entire delivery and installation process of the product.

Technosystem Loader/Unloader installation technicians

Technosystem highly skilled specialists will always be at your disposal to clarify your doubts and explain every detail of the machine functionality.

This is because Technosystem technicians count on many years of experience in the system automation design. Therefore they are the best advisors. Thanks to their professional help, you will be able to get the best of your Technosystem experience.

The day of the delivery, specialized technicians will assist you on the installation of your new Technosystem automation machine. They will follow and cure every step of the delivery process and will be a great help on the machine positioning.

What follows is a description step by step of the system arrival, installation and acceptance process of the Loader/Unloader DI V-III.


Technosystem Loader/Unloader DI V-III arrival, installation and acceptance procedures are meant to guarantee the best experience to the customer. By implementing all the procedure points, Benmayor ensures the observation of all rights and duties of both parties involved in the purchase, the company and the client.

Make sure you read all the criteria carefully, and feel free to contact us for any further information.

System arrival

Prior to unloading the equipment from the transport vehicle, it is the responsibility of the customer to check the consignment.


They need to check the consignment for any visual external damage including the status of the shock/tip detectors.   


In case of damages, please note that they have to be immediately detailed on the shipping manifest and reported to Benmayor SA.


It is mandatory to support the reported damages with photographic evidence. This is an important requirement for the validation of the report. (Reports without photographic evidence are not valid).

Remember that you can notify damage within the first12 hours from the arrival of the machine.

Benmayor SA is not responsible for reported damages notified after this period of time.

System installation

A Benmayor SA representative will be present to overview the positioning of the machine before installation.

Firstly, during this process, the customer will confirm the integrity of the main unit and all the external devices. By checking the crate shock indicators and by inspecting the equipment surfaces when positioning the machine.

Secondly, the customer will give instructions about the position of the machine.

Although the distance in-between the Loader and the Ledia / Nuvogo/ Express/ Paragon or Diamond is set according to the layout. Other distances are not allowed.

Finally, the equipment will be operational and ready for use.

System acceptance

The system acceptance consists in the confirmation of the following:


  • The delivery and completation of all the testing detailed;
  • The complatation of the training for Maintenance Engineers, Process Engineers and the machine operators;
  • The delivery of the manuals and the CE-confirmation certificate.

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