V3 for laser direct imaging (LDI)

Automation for laser direct imaging V3

V3 for laser direct imaging

The V3-LDI Loader/ Unloader was designed to load direct imaging machines reducing to drastically the human intervention. This machine was designed to serve medium and prototype PCB shops with a big mix of jobs.  The V3– LDI Loader has the capability to load and unload inner and out layers with dry film, roller clean the top surface and  them and lay them on the DI table to be exposed, additionally to this the machine can be equipped with the solder mask panel option. With this option the V3 – LDI loader will be capable to pick up solder mask panels from a slotted rack, expose them both sides and return them to the slotted rack avoiding any contact in between panels.

 The Loader has a full integration with the DI in order to know when the board has been exposed, when it need to be flipped and when to be removed from the table.  The full protocol integration with the DI is designed to generate a job list with as many as required different jobs. The V3- LDI loader has the capability to exchange exposed L racks or Slotted racks for non-exposed racks in order to have a nonstop production.

The loader is equipped with two buffer stations one for Dry film and one for solder mask panels that exchange automatically acording to the identification of the panel.  A full integrated cleaning device guarantees the panel is roller cleaned before laid on the DI table.  The machine can be equipped with and automatic UV marking device if requested.

The V3- LDI Loader can be installed to any Direct Imagine machine available in the market.

Technical specifications TECHNOSYSTEM LOADER/UNLOADER DI V3 with double robotic arm.


  • The V-III Loader-Unloader will be able to load Solder mask panels from Slotted Racks and Dry Film Panels from L Racks with no need of adjustments.
  • Solder mask panels will be loader on  slotted racks always . Once the full Slotted rack is fully exposed ( side A+B) loader will fully automatically  unload the Rack and enter a new one avoiding down times.
  • Every slotted rack will have 25 or 50 slots ( customer decision)
  • Dry Film Panels will be loaded L Racks. The L Rack can be loaded with one or multiple jobs.
  • Maximum panel size 610×530.
  • Minimum panel size 305×460
  • Maximum thickness 3,2mm
  • Minimum thickness 50 micron dielectric + copper on 2 sides. For  Flexible material such as PI coming from rolls , horizontal boxes will be need ( optional)
  • Solder mask panels will be loaded vertically and with no contact in between panels on the slotted racks.

Download the V3 for LDI catalogue

  • Dry film panels 610×460 will be loaded vertically (when loading a Ledia 5 heads)
  • Dry film panels 610×460 will be loaded horizontally on the L rack when loading a 6 head Ledia
  • Dry film panels 610×460 will be loaded horizontally on the L rack when loading a Orbotehc Nuvogo , Paragon , Express or Diamond , Ledia 6 head , Schmoll  or Miva.
  • Maximum load of panels 180mm ( L Rack Capacity)
  • Maximum number of jobs per L rack: 10
  • Cycle time for dry film panels picked up from L Rack 12 seconds for panels under 1,0kg  ( excluding exchange of the panel )
  • Cycle time for UV maker 2,5 second (only if requested) this time is added on the cycle time.
  • Cycle time for Solder Mask panels picked up from Slotted Racks 30 seconds.
  • The LDI V-3 Loader will be equipped with 2 different cycles 
  • Dry Film. Sequence nº 1 dry film panels picked up from L Rack.
  • Solder Mask, Sequence nº2 solder mask panels picked up from Slotted Racks.
  • The LDI -V3 Loader will only be able to handle double side panels.

V3 for LDI