V2 LDI for Legend Printers

V2 LDI automation for Legend Printers

The V2 – LDI Loader / Unloader has been designed to drastically reduce human intervention in the loading and unloading process of a Legend Printer.

The V2-LDI is designed to feed solder mask panels separated by with plastic sheets, being able to load, flip and unload panels of different sizes avoding touching the functional area of the PCB.

The machine is equipped with an integrated turning and a damp automatically adjustable to the size of the panel.

The Loader / Unloader V2-LDI is fully integrated into the Legend Printer and is equiped with a task manager capable of managing work queues in a simple and user-friendly way.

The design of our LOADER/UNLOADER LDI-V2 grants a full-time operation of the Legend Printer. 

This automation will be able to cover with full guaranties the loading and unloading of the Legend Printer machine even with single panels jobs. This mean the automation and the Legend Printer are fully connected and able to change jobs without the need of  manual intervention.

Main advantages of the TECHNOSYSTEM LDI-V2  in front of competitors are:

  • Reduced foot print. Technosystem only requires 1,1m at the side of the Legend Printer.
  • High speed performance, less than 19.5 seconds per cycle including roller cleaning, flipping alignment and placing in Legend Printer table.
  • No need to identify the size of the panel. This makes preparation of the loader very easy requiring very short preparation time.
  • Cero position of the panel can be in any corner of the panel, selected by customer.
  • Automatic alignment of 100% of the panels before loading  into the Legend Printer table. This assures perfect alignment on the Legend Printer table and no alignment failures.

Sequence of the TECHNOYSTEM V2 - LDI
for Legend Printer.